"Good News": Vatican News Cheers Introduction of Euthanasia

The Austrian Constitutional Court has made assisted suicide legal on December 11.

The judges claimed that considering assisting a suicide as a criminal offence allegedly violates a "right to self-determination."

For the Austrian bishops, the introduction of euthanasia is only a “cultural breach,” while the German section of VaticanNews.va – the official Vatican news service – cheered on FaceBook.com:

“The ‘good news’: those willing to die in Austria will no longer have to travel to Switzerland for assisted suicides. They can carry out their assisted suicide at home without the helper being liable to prosecution.”


comfort ye
I do not think it was meant to be a "cheer" , but rather a wry observation bordering on sarcasm. A clear condemnation would have been helpful, but Rome is short on clarity just now. Twilight Zone continues...
comfort ye
Sorry, I see it is not really the Vatican, but the "German" section, in which case I can have no idea where their heart or mind is.