TCDSB wastes tax payer money on equity and inclusive education to undermine Catholic teaching

The latest newsletter from the Toronto Catholic District School Board from the Indigenous, Equity and …
Hound of Heaven
Appalling. This is what happens when you are sucked into the whirlpool of apologizing for things which one never did and for the Faith you profess. There was a more civil time when even the most ignorant rube in the neighborhood knew better than to ever make someone else feel ashamed of their religion, their culture, and their politics. My, but we're 'progressive'.
This is not only a Canadian program; it is one of the UN initiatives. Action for Canada is one group organized to uphold parental rights with respect to this very evil agenda. action4canada.com/category/sogi/ Caution: here are some examples of sexually explicit materials;action4canada.com/…nt/uploads/A4C-schools-sexually-explicit-books.pdf
Everyday for Life Canada
Equity and inclusive education has been used to secularize, undermine and ultimately end Catholic education in Ontario, Canada. All done with the silence of the bishops. It’s a total scandal.