German Church: Gay Pseudo Marriages Become Routine

Father Siegfried Modenbach "blessed" in August two Lesbians in Hünfeld, Fulda Diocese, Germany, FuldaerZeitung.de (October 10) reported.

He called his performance not without self-praise a "harmonious and beautiful celebration."

A second gay "blessing" happened in Munich, Germany. Father Rainer Schießler "blessed" on October 10 a local celebrity singer, Patrick Lindner, 60, and his manager and gay partner, 61.

According to Katholisch.de, the ceremony included the "blessing" of rings, exchanging rings, and Holy Communion.

The German bishops are thus continuing their tactic of condoning sacrileges and then demanding their legalisation from Rome.

Picture: Peter Schäfer, Patrick Lindner , © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsKuaxtzwdnu

Alex A
Who or what is the source of en-news?
Don Reto Nay
The source is indicated in the text: "FuldaerZeitung.de (October 10) reported."
Alex A
@ Don Reto Nay>Clearly my question fails to convey the information I am seeking, my apology. What I'm querying is who is behind en. News? CNN, who?