Sur Chibuzo L. Agu ha bandunau Tujetsch

Sco ei para ha il provisur da Tujetsch suenter cuort temps bandunau la pleiv plitost nunspitgadamein.
Harmonia celestiala
Il Sogn Spert detti ad el sclariment nua ch'el stat e nua ch'el va.

A Christian Pastor's Advice to John McCain as He Faces the Gates of Hell

The author is a Lutheran pastor from San Antonio, Texas. Senator, a good Lutheran pastor preaches Law and Gospel. Here’s your situation in terms of …
Joseph a' Christian
@mattsixteen24 -True, a pastor of lies for satan. One of the most absurd ones is the lesbian lutheran "bishop," She was the one that Bergoglio … dapli
Lutheran church isn't going to be any help.
David Alan Stockman (*1946) served as a Republican U.S. Representative from the state of Michigan (1977–1981) and as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981–1985) under President … dapli

The Donald’s Done - LewRockwell

The Donald’s action to ash-can the Iranian nuclear deal marks the War Party’s complete and baleful triumph. There is now nothing much left of Ameri…
Dr Bobus
Stockman is pro same sex marriage and abortion. A strange bird, he made millions in the stock market, then wrote a book complaining about the stock … dapli
Holy Cannoli
David Stockman??? Ronald Reagan will always be remembered for many things--Winning the Cold War, bringing back pride in America and calling her the … dapli

America’s Word Is Worthless -

America’s Word Is Worthless Paul Craig Roberts We can now dismiss all hope that Trump’s campaign promises to pull out of Syria, normalize relations …
It was not America's word Paul. It was Barrack Obama's word, not approved by the senate because he knew our elected senators would not approve it. … dapli
Dr Bobus
An article remarkable in its ignorance. In such matters America's word is given in treaties, which must be approved by two thires of the Senate. … dapli
Ormai, i "vescovi" fanno il mestiere del diavolo...

Recita del rosario al Gay Pride, “sono perplesso”

A proposito della richiesta dell'Associazione Helvetia Christiana, il vescovo di Lugano Lazzeri ha spiegato che "la preghiera non è uno strumento"
Maurizio Muscas
Che buffone....
Dio salvaci tu da questi mostri che dicono di essere Vescovi!!!
Don Reto Nay
Thanks God for Vladimir Putin. A politician in the Church, what contrast to the corrupt political clowns of the Western Regimes! No wonder, the … dapli
Maurizio Muscas
God bless this man winning over Islam, kindly sponsored by USA, as ever.....

Br. Saúl Soriano, 1986-2018

We are part of the Capuchin Franciscan Order, a Roman Catholic Order of men numbering over 10,000 brothers and priests throughout the world.
Eternal Rest Grant Upon Him O Lord, And May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him.
Don Reto Nay
Requiescat in pace!

NY doctor pleads guilty in fatal abortion - Breitbart

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York physician who says he’s done 40,000 abortions in his career pleaded guilty Friday to criminally negligent homicide while …
All child murderers should be executed!
like this guy there are hundreds if not thousands

Treatment of Christians in Assad's Syria vs in US-backed 'Rebel' Areas

We want to thank Janice Kortkamp who has traveled around Syria for several months during the past two years for this inspiring post. Her report …
The powers that be hate Christians and are willing to destroy Syria in order to achieve their goal
Don Reto Nay
Putin has done a lot for this world, not only for Russia. Throughout his campaign Donald Trump has acknowledged this, but since his election it has … dapli

An open letter to Cardinal Vincent Nichols regarding Alfie Evans: “Do not abandon us to the culture…

Dear Cardinal Nichols, I read your statement on the Alfie Evans case with extreme sadness and disbelief. I felt that you sided with the culture of …
Sunamis 46
He should keep on praying for himself That he has not to suffer like the boy , before he died, He should repent And go to confession He has lost his … dapli
Some Cardinals and bishops have no business being in the catholic church anymore ,because their actions are not catholic ,and they should remove … dapli
Sunamis 46
The british have no suspect- Aha The british execute people for mo reason Just think of the poor little boy Who knows what … dapli

EXCLUSIF. L'Église catholique touchée par un nouveau scandale de pédophilie

Prêtres placés en garde à vue, 200 témoins entendus : une enquête, partie de la communauté traditionaliste de Riaumont, prend une ampleur nationale.
Méf !! les médias (l'obs surtout) nous ont fait le coup l'année passée avec une école dans le Cher. Sur une dizaine de chef d'inculpations, seules … dapli
La fumée de satan est entrée dans le Temple de Dieu dès CV2. Depuis, beaucoup de fidèles l'ont inhalée. La Franc Maçonnerie a touché son but. Plus … dapli

Rosary On The Coast Uk

Here are great pictures from the Rosary-on-the-Coast in New Brighton… dapli
Sólo Díos basta
Start fasting, too. Cardinal Nichols agrees that hospitals and courts can kill a toddler despite the rights of parents. Cardinal Marx protests the … dapli
The Western Regimes are not interested in the truth...

The west closes its ears to Douma testimony

Reporting, commentary and analysis on the Israel-Palestine conflict
Holy Cannoli
This joker Johnny Cook is defending Russia? Is this the same Russia that invaded Georgia killing and displacing up to 40,000 people? Is this the … dapli
Ich hoffe, diese Meldung stimmt nicht, sonst hat Kardinal Koch sein Priestertum verspielt. Er sollte laisiert werden. Wie könnte er irgendwo auf der Welt noch irgendetwas zum Thema "Verzeihen", "… dapli

D: Kardinal Koch sagt Termin wegen umstrittenen Neupriesters ab - Vatican News

Der Schweizer Kurienkardinal Kurt Koch hat seine Teilnahme am Fatimatag im Bistum Würzburg abgesagt. Der Grund: Auch ein umstrittener Eichstätter …
vir probatus
@Ratzi: Mailen Sie doch Ihren widerlichen Link an den Neugeweihten oder an beliebige Priesterseminare: Vielleicht gibt es da ernsthaftes Interesse.
@SvataHora, Sie verstehen nicht, was ich meine. Wahrscheinlich sind Sie Deutschschweizer. Das ist ihnen nicht vorzuwerfen. Vorzuwerfen ist Ihnen … dapli

Syrie : l'occident se trompe d'ennemis

Intervention de Marie-Christine Arnautu au Parlement européen de Strasbourg le 17 avril 2018.
Ca a permis à Mr Macron de se rêver justicier, chef de guerre. Et de toute manière, les attentats de Paris et de Nice n'ont pas eu lieu sous son … dapli
le mage vainqueur
Ne nous laissez pas sucomber 23 Jésus les appela, et leur dit sous forme de paraboles: Comment Satan peut-il chasser Satan? 24 Si un royaume est … dapli

Cosa pensano i cristiani siriani?

di James Perloff , 31 marzo 2018 "H" (iniziale dell'intervistata) è nata a Damasco e immigrata legalmente negli Stati Uniti dalla ...
È molto bello leggere frasi che vengono da una mente intelligente e da un cuore che ama la verità. I Cristiani arabi sono "migliori" di noi. dapli

Silence! American Atheists Fired Its President

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the firing of the leader of American Atheists: The board of directors of American Atheists has fired its president, David Silverman. The decision …

Il Sismografo

Corea del Sud En Corée du Sud, le nombre de baptêmes diminue La Croix (Claire Lesegretain) Depuis des années, l’Église catholique...

L’africaniste Bernard Lugan censuré par le ministère des Armées

Cet article vous a plu ? MPI est une association à but non lucratif qui offre un service de réinformation gratuit et qui ne subsiste que par la …
Rien de plus normal , li ne chante pas la bonne chanson, celle à air unique....