Banker Jews Caused The Great Depression -Fr. Charles

Fr. Charles Coughlin had one of the most influential, popular broadcasts of the entire history of radio, millions of Americans tuned in to listen to him. He pleaded with American Jews over the airwaves, to turn away from their evil rabbis who were promoting satanic Marxism, and to embrace the American way, the Constitution instead.
Fr. Charles stated that the "international conspiracy of Jewish bankers" caused the Great Depression.
For his Christian courage and honesty, Marxist Jews use their numerous media publications to slander him, calling him an antisemite and so on, blah, blah, blah...
God bless Fr. Charles, he is hated for stating the truth, because evil Marxist & Talmud Jews hate the truth-Jesus, they hate the light of Christ being put upon their subversive works of destruction.