414. Make Christ present

What goods received from God can we waste and lose? The first good is the Love of God. We are not always aware in us of the Love of God.

When we sleep, when we eat, work, celebrate, watch, we always have the opportunity to make Christ present in us, thinking of him.

Sometimes we keep the Love of God for us. Or we don’t know how to share it. But just to realize that Jesus is with us soothes us and that can reach others. They will feel that we are not alone in life and that we are in peace.
And it’s true, we are accompanied by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. He transforms us while we pay attention to him when we’re aware that he’s with us.

If we don’t have water, we dry. We only need to drink. When we drank water, this reserve follows us everywhere. It’s even simpler with Jesus. We have only to drink to his Sacred Heart and he is in us. We only have to think of him and he is Present. God is the eternal present. We drink from him, otherwise we do not drink from him.

When we receive the Eucharist, it’s the presence of God who is there. Like water, we carry God with us after Mass, wherever we go. Its luminous rays coming out of us (like Jesus in Mary’s womb) join the souls of the people we meet. In his rays are transported his Love and all that he offers us. Let’s carry his Eucharist within us and let his rays transform the world.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Here, where we are, Normand Thomas