Archbishop Publishes Open Letter on Vatican’s “Renewal”

In a September 23 open letter on “renewal” of the Roman Curia, retired Tokyo Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada, 77, asked for more “inculturation,” “decentralisation” and “spiritualisation.”

Takeo uses “inculturation” as a synonym for “liturgical abuse” introduced in the Japanese Novus-Ordo-Eucharist such as Communion in the hand, and the removal of genuflections, kneeling and kissing the altar. For unknown reasons, he believes that the Vatican intends removing these abuses.

He then asks for “decentralisation”, an old trick to promote dissent and let corruption sprout locally.

Finally, Takeo wants a “spiritualisation” because “we” – including the Vatican - lack genuine spiritual Christian values.

In January 2011, he suggested that the Neocatechumenal Way should suspend its activity in Japan and instead take care of those committing suicide in the country. Japan is one of the few Asian countries where the Church utterly degenerated after last Council.

Picture: Peter Takeo Okada, #newsYhcyzhicrx
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