Famous Roman Rite Catholic In Induced Coma

Christian Marquant, 72, the president of Paix Liturgique and organiser of the annual pilgrimages Summorum Pontificum to Rome, was hospitalised with Covid-19.

He was placed in an induced coma in the night of 6/7 December. Marquant's state of health is worrying.

A fighter for the Roman Rite for many decades, he recently demonstrated in Paris against Francis' Traditionis custodes. The picture shows him with Cardinal Burke who has survived a similar critical Covid infection.


Too many good Catholics dying! Ave Maria
Being hospitalized with Covid-19 and being hospitalized because of Covid-19 are not the same, worth remembering.
Roberto 55
and you can be hospitalized with e.g. heart problems because covid shot poison and after PCR you are positive, with no symptoms... 🤪