Archbishop Bergoglio Defended a Convicted Homosexual Abuser

Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio commissioned a four-volume study published 2010 to 2013 defending the convicted homosexual abuser, Salesian Father Julio César Grassi who currently serves a 15 year sentence. The study describes Grassi's victims as “false accusers”.

The volumes bear the title “Studies on the Grassi Case” written by the lawyer Marcelo Sancinetti. According to ElPais.com the last volume explicitly states that the study was commissioned in 2010 by the Argentine Episcopal Conference, in particular by its then president, Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio.

Grassi created the foundation "Felices los Niños" with over 400 employees in order to help children. He was a darling of the media and had close contacts with the rich and powerful.

When Bergoglio commissioned the study, Grassi had appealed his conviction for having homosexually abused male teenagers. In 2010 the case was under examination by the Argentina Supreme Court which later upheld the conviction.

Bergoglio provided the judges of the Supreme Court with a copy of the study. Grassi was never removed from the priesthood.

Gesù è con noi
In his book on Heaven and Earth, Bergoglio lied to deny the existence of cases of sexual abuse that he covered up in his diocese