Francis Promotes Compromised Priests In Order to Secure their Subservience

There are persistent voices in Buenos Aires that Cardinal Bergoglio promoted compromised priests, including homosexuals, to ensure their total loyalty according to George Neumayr who is in Buenos Aires gathering information about Francis (spectator.org, August 25).

Neumayr stresses that as a pope, Francis likewise surrounds himself with “crooks, creeps, and degenerates”. He explains, “He uses their secrets to control them.”

Neumayr describes Francis as a “ruthless chameleon" who is willing to tell any lie and try any low tactic to preserve power.”

Picture: Jorge Bergoglio, © Aibdescalzo, CC BY-SA, #newsXxeryxmjdt
mr. producer
This is the exact same technique the Freemasons used in the 18th Century to rise to power. See Adam Weishaupt.
la verdad prevalece
Vincent Fitzpatrick wrote: "Not just a strategy to advance his career. He is one of them. And he and they hate the Catholic Church. Bergoglio stole from Peter's Pence to send Hillary a huge check, at the very moment Hillary was promising to FORCE the Church to become pro-abortion" Author of "The Dictator Pope" Quotes Cardinal: "90% of the book is incontrovertible"
Gesù è con noi
The article Bergoglio's pawns published back in Dec 26, 2011 by the Catholic journalist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña describe Bergoglio's tactic of promoting his accomplices and getting rid of his opponents, even describing how Bergoglio maliciously and vindictively came to slander good priests to discredit them.
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio must be legally investigated as the leader of the pedophile ring, a gay mafia criminal sect, who has infiltrated the Church. That it protects itself and that it has shrewdly moved homosexual predators from one city to another so that their crimes go unpunished. Vatican's Deputy Secretary of State Wrote Letter Asking for Bishop Zanchetta's Return To Rome
Good investigative reporting George. Praying for your protection, from satan's minions...!
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He also supported Communists and promoted it in Argentina, which George found out, so The Decree Against Communism of 1949, Approved by Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII, and again Pope Paul VI, Jorge Bergoglio and all of the Saint Galen Mafia is Excommunicated and have been since their false vocations.
As described here this is criminal activity as done by some well known Italian organizations.
My Jesus says to me this wisdom:
Religion without God and Jesus equals Communism. God and Jesus without religion equals maffia.