The Vatican Is Going To Accept Condemned Teilhard de Chardin

The Pontifical Council for Culture unanimously approved a petition to Pope Francis requesting him to waive the condemnation of Jesuit Father Teilhard de Chardin (+1955). The Council is headed by [Modernist] Cardinal Ravasi and has no competence to judge theological works.

Chardin was condemned several times. In 1925 he had to withdraw his denial of original sin. In 1962 the Vatican found that Chardin's works “abound in such ambiguities and indeed even serious errors, as to offend Catholic doctrine”. Chardin's thought is a strange mix between theology and the theory of evolution.

The Council for Culture wants Francis to acknowledge Chardin's effort "to reconcile the scientific vision of the universe with Christian eschatology" although Chardin's achievements are highly disputed in the scientific community.

Picture: Theilhard de Chardin, © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsCvuabgpqfz
1952 , Teilhard wrote in a letter: “As I love to say, the synthesis of the Christian God (of the above) and the Marxist God (of the forward) – Behold! that is the only God whom henceforth we can adore in spirit and in truth.”
GJA Taylor
why not? the Holy Father just wants to make Fr Luther a saint why not this useful idiot?
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He propagated at least two evolution farces (Shanghai man, and another "missing link" from England, @Dr stress -help me out with the name) and they're of course trying to make way for his eventual sainthood.
Now You Know Media (a Catholic in name only publishing company) is not helping with this, just a few weeks ago they published a book praising Him
I had to sit and listen to his drivel as a young boy attending Catholic school from a teaching nun who just thought he was the greatest philosopher.