If ignorance is bliss, this author must be in sheer Heaven

Why ‘trads’ seek to root the church’s future in the past

If you’ve never attended a Latin Mass before, just know that no one is going to tell you what’s going on. Most likely, no one will talk to you …
The focus of the Traditional Mass is on GOD, not on each other as is the Novus Ordo. It is contemplative and all about the sacrifice of Jesus.
Lisa Sterndorfer is correct in her assessment. I note only one error of Fr Fragomeni..there are many. Latin was not the language of the empire that crucified Jesus. The language of the empire in the first century was Greek. It is such a shame that people in positions of Church leadership are quite ignorant.
Bonnie Louise
Karen, read the Church Fathers. You will be converted.
Jeffrey Ade
Angela Denker is a Lutheran pastor and veteran journalist. Her book, Red State Christians: Understanding the Voters Who Elected Donald Trump, was published in August 2019 by Fortress Press.
Ralph Alexander Michael Curtis
If ignorance is bliss, this author must be in sheer Heaven. Agree.