Caritas Involved in Developing Manual Promoting Contraception

Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican relief agency, is on the board of directors of The Sphere Project whose purpose it is to issue a handbook promoting contraception and abortive hormones on several pages. This scandal was revealed by the Lepanto Institute (March 20).

The handbook formulates alleged "minimum standards of development aid". It is normative for all members of Caritas Internationalis which collaborated in the drafting and revising of the text.

The book wants aid staff to know about “contraceptive care” claiming that it is “essential” to have access to free condoms. Its 2011 version lists “free male and female condoms” among “essential health services”.

Some editions of the book contain a pro forma footnote stating that Caritas Internationalis does “not promote the use of, or distribute any form of, artificial birth control.” According to Catholic doctrine, the use of contraception is intrinsically evil and a grave sin.

Picture: Screenshot, Lepanto Institute, #newsSupecmmhhw
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Caritas has invented its own 10 commandments replacing the 10 commandments of God.

4. Honour the earth and work to combat climate change, so that you will live a long life and so as to give yourself and all people on earth a better life.