After Traditionis Custodes: Benedict Reached out to FSSP

The Fraternity of St Peter have revealed that Benedict XVI sent a letter of support after Francis’ 2021 crackdown on the Mass (Fssp.com, December 31).

Benedict XVI was on several occasions “a providential support” for their community, the FSSP writes.

“A few months ago, from his place of retirement at the Mater Ecclesiæ monastery in the Vatican, he sent a private letter of encouragement to the Superior of the Fraternity of Saint Peter following the Motu Proprio Traditiones Custodes.”

Rand Miller
It seems that Benedict was controlled opposition as compared to Francis.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
God Bless our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. I would never give Bergoglio that title or respect. He can shove his "Synodal Church" where the sun don't shine.
Ursula Sankt
Nick Donnelly: "One of my favourite stories about Pope Benedict XVI
Presented with a list of archbishops as candidates for the Sacred College of Cardinals, on seeing the name 'Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster', Benedict XVI took out a fountain pen, crossed through the name, saying 'No'"
John Fritz Logan
@Ursula Sankt It sounds odd though... he named him archbishop a few years before stepping down.
Dr Bobus
in my first year in Rome a British classmate wrote Cardinal Ratzinger with a theological question. The reply was to come see him.during the lunch break. The Cardinal spent almost an hour with him. They spoke about many things, incl who were the good profs.
Dr Bobus
Another friend boarded a bus about 7:00, only to find Card Ratz on it. He said it was his birthday, and some in the office wanted to take him out to a restaurant.