“It Is Undeniable That Francis Is Teaching Wrong Things”

For the Chilean author José Antonio Ureta is is "undeniable" that Francis "is teaching or promoting wrong things."

Ureta published in June the book "Pope Francis' Paradigm Shift: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church? - An assessment of his Five-year Pontificate."

Talking to NcRegister.com (July 5) he noticed that Francis is "erring" and that in his papacy there are “very distressing statements and gestures" which "don’t correspond to the traditional teaching of the Church”.

Ureta points out that resistance to error is an act of charity rather than dissent, "Not warning of the mistake that’s being committed is complicity with the evil that's being done".

Ureta is a member of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute founded by the eponymous Brazilian Catholic thinker.

Picture: © Mazur, catholicnews.org.uk CC BY-NC-SA, #newsMjpnectrzb