Cardinal Sarah: Homosexuals Have To Abstain From Sex

The Church cannot back down in maintaining its standard of chastity, especially when it comes to homosexuals, writes Cardinal Robert Sarah Thursday in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. People can find lasting fulfilment “only through living in harmony with God’s creative design”.

Sarah criticises the gay-activist, Jesuit Father James Martin: “He repeats the common criticism that Catholics have been harshly critical of homosexuality, while neglecting the importance of sexual integrity among all of its followers.” Sarah underlines that the abstention from sex is required for all unmarried faithful - no matter what their attraction is.

Gay-activist Martin told cruxnow.com that Sarah’s piece is “a step forward” because “he uses the term ‘LGBT’” which is part of the gay propaganda vocabulary.

Picture: Robert Sarah, © François-Régis Salefran , CC BY-SA, #newsSybuzntqvw
God bless Cardinal Sarah for speaking the truth!