Belgian Bishop Takes Photo With 22 Deaconesses

Liége Bishop Jean-Pierre Delville, Belgium, was photographed on January 25 with 22 Syriac-orthodox so-called deaconesses.

Syriac-orthodox deaconesses have no liturgical function. Like in the Catholic Church, any presence of a women in the sanctuary contradicts the liturgy.

Syriac-orthodox "deaconesses" are simple faithful who sing in the church choir. In theory they may bring Holy Communion to the sick although, in Orthodox communities, this happens very rarely and is always done by the priest.

The photo was taken in the gothic church St Lambert during the ecumenical Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The 22 women and girls were instituted in December 2018 with a rite that does not touch them. The institution of deaconesses does not happen by the imposition of hands as the bishop does not touch them.

An article on uses the meeting in order to push for "deaconesses" in the Catholic Church.