Francis Tested Again For Covid-19

Francis was again tested for the Coronavirus, and the result was negative, reports (September 14).

The reason for the test was, among other things, that Francis had received Curia Cardinal Luis Tagle on August 29.

Last week, Tagle tested positive for Covid-19 after his arrival in Manila, Philippines, however, he shows no symptoms and is only in quarantine.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus hype, Francis has been tested several times.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXunpzeiafp

He should get the problematic Russian virus as a gesture for good relations between East and West. It might mean getting Tagle, but I'm sick of Bergoglio the perv.
For a man who should be closest to God, Pope Francis certainly doesn't want to meet Him. ;-)
Great he can be first up for the vaccine!