La Civiltà Cattolica: Francis Is Victim of Conspiracy

“It is no longer possible for journalists to keep quiet about the fact that there is a disinformation campaign against Pope Francis which links American and Russian interests. You don’t have to read only Antonio Spadaro to understand that.”

This September 29 tweet of the once respected Vatican journal La Civiltà Cattolica is exhilarating the Internet.

Answering on Twitter Father Peter Totleben OP found the solution, “Do you know the quickest way to diffuse a disinformation campaign? For Francis to come clean about what is going on in Rome. But he can't because too many of his allies would fall in disgrace.”

Fr Ryan Humphries adds, “Pope Francis’ silence is his own failure. Blaming Russia is just Peronist gaslighting”.

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For 18 years, starting before McCarrick was appointed to DC and made a cardinal, priests and bishops have been sending evidence to the Vatican of McCarrick‘s crimes. Benedict was the only one to impose sanctions of any kind. Pope Francis lifted them. He refuses to speak.
Joseph a' Christian
1) He allows false priest James Martin to travel the world, absurdly apologizing for our Church Laws that forbid homosexual perversions, destruktion.
2) False Francis publicly welcomed a homosexual kouple to the Vatican. He hugged and kissed both men.
Jesus Is The Giver Of Life.
False Francis Is Destruktion.
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