Germany: Vaccination Ideologists Fail to Eliminate Irish Professor Who Challenged Use of Vaccines

Paul Cullen, 60, will remain professor of clinical chemistry at Münster University, Germany. This decision was taken by the medical faculty on Friday.

The controversial "General Students' Committee of the University of Münster" had previously demanded that Cullen be stripped of his professorship for speaking out against abortion and against the use of insufficiently tested Covid-19 vaccines. Cullen is Irish and a Catholic.

The medical faculty stated that freedom of expression was [allegedly] constitutive of a free democratic order. For the faculty it is not acceptable to differentiate between "good" and "bad" opinions or between balanced and unbalanced arguments when determining the sphere of the democratic order.

A prerequisite for the withdrawal of a professorship would have been a scientific misconduct, for example a substantial, negligent or intentional misrepresentation of scientific findings. But this was not the case.

Speaking to, Cullen explained that he was "not generally opposed" to using Covid-19 vaccines. His concern, he said, was that vaccines should be tested "much better" and that their use should be focused on high-risk groups.

In addition, the side effects of the vaccination must be "very closely followed up,” he said.

Cullen stressed: "The use of fetal cell lines for the production of the substances is and remains a problem."

Picture: Paul Cullen at the March for Life in Berlin, 2019
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