Did Francis Remove an US-Bishop out of Revenge?

Pope Francis has removed Bishop Martin Holley, 63, of Memphis, USA on October 24. The decision came due to "mismanagement", Vatican spokesman Greg Burke alleged.

There was a June Apostolic Visitation in the diocese after Holley had reassigned nearly two-third of the 60 active priests.

But Holley told CatholicNewsAgency.com (October 25) that his removal was not about management but revenge. He believes that he was removed at the behest of Washington Cardinal Wuerl as revenge for not recommending Wuerl's appointment to become Vatican Secretary of State in 2012.

At the time, Holley was a Washington auxiliary bishop. Benedict XVI asked him about the appointment but Holley expressed concern about Wuerl’s adequacy.

Picture: Martin Holley, #newsXtfjromklv
Lisi Sterndorfer
George Neumayr writes according to a source close to the DC chancery that "there is a 75-80 percent chance Tobin" will succeed Wuerl in 3 weeks. The chancery is "preparing" for Tobin, he says. I asked this source: Could raising hell stop it? He thought it worth a shot.