Brandmüller: Synod Has Hidden Agenda To Replace Catholicism With Paganism

At the Amazon Synod, the Catholic Faith is at stake, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller writes on LifeSiteNews.com (October 17).

He explains that Christian religion is - unlike paganism - based on the Creator's self-communication to mankind.

Brandmüller stresses that the Magisterium, including the post-conciliar one, is ignored at the Synod and that a "hidden and secretive" break with any dogmatically tradition is happening.

He suspects that those controlling the synod attempt to replace Catholicism by "a pantheistic natural religion of man" which Brandmüller identifies as a variant of the old Modernism, in vogue 100 years ago.


Cardinal Brandmüller is wrong. The Synod does NOT have a pagan "hidden agenda". They've been quite open about it.
God bless Cardinal Brandmüller