Bishop Williamson: Swiss Diocesan Bishop Will Consecrate Two SSPX Bishops

Former SSPX-Bishop Richard Williamson claimed in a March 3 homily (video below) that Chur Bishop Vitus Huonder, 76, will consecrate two bishops for the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) on April 28. Huonder runs one of the world's most liberal dioceses.

Williamson added that his news is hearsay but “pretty darn certain” and that French Father Christian Bouchacourt is one of the bishops elect.

Huonder is expected to resign on April 21. He will then reside in an SSPX school in Switzerland.

The consecrations would take place with Pope Francis’ approval. Francis received Huonder on March 4 in an audience.

Picture: Richard Williamson, #newsCujwjaqqlt

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