Which is worse?

The top photo is of Our Blessed Lord In the Blessed Sacrament physically Body Blood Soul and Divinity discarded on the floor. Yes not intentionally but knowingly understanding the risk of Holy Communion in the hand. This is the 13th time the clergy have been brought back to the Church to pick up Our Lord. The discovery you would think the Shock and alarm would be enough to change something to reduce the risk. We go to great lengths to protect ourselves from the virus. But protecting God is compromised for what was once an official abuse. But still the gravity of allowing Our Lord to fall by a Church that knows to the full extent that this happens and this is the risk they take. This Divine gamble must surely by now be called a sacrilege !

The lower photo is a purposely desecrated Statue of Our Lord by someone who knows no better. Here is Our Lord telling us something?

Then the lord of the vineyard said: What shall I do? I will send my beloved son: it may be, when they see him, they will reverence him. St Luke 20:13