Vatican's "Pachamama Is not Pachamama" Sham Fails

So far, speakers for the Amazon Synod tried hard pretending that the omnipresent idol Pachamama was not "Pachamama" but a "female statue" or a "symbol of life, fertility and Mother Earth."

However, at the October 21 press conference the sham fell apart when EWTN journalist Rachel Lanz asked about "female statues" (Pachamamas) thrown into the Tiber the same morning.

Between the question and the answer, while the VaticanNews TV camera was showing the public, in the audio coming from the panel, a male voice clearly utters the word "Pachamama" (3 seconds video below, original tone and video at: 00:29). That identification of the "female statues" was otherwise carefully avoided.


Bon voyage pachamama don't forget to never return. Stay in hell.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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They really pulled one on us this time. I was certain that people with feathers in their head prostrating to wooden statues and dirt was totally Catholic... likes this.
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