It's Necessary to Resist the Chaplain of the New World Order

Francis is acting as chaplain and pawn of a New World Order, a global movement to create a new "normal," said John-Henry Westen, editor-in-chief of LifeSiteNews.com at RemnantNewspaper.com's Catholic Identity Conference (1 October).

Westen called on the bishops to resist Francis whose errors and dangerousness have become increasingly obvious,

“Faithful Catholics have a duty before God to resist the attempts by globalist, the Vatican, even the Pope himself to undermine defined dogma on moral questions.”

He recalled some of Francis' many scandals such as Amoris Laetitia with a doctrinal bomb dishonestly hidden in a footnote "allowing" adulterers to receive communion, Francis' promotion of contraception with the individual case trick (casuistry) and his 2019 Pachamama debacle.

Francis happily invites transvestites but refuses to dialogue with the Dubia cardinals.

He cuddles with "depopulation fanatics" like Jeffrey Sachs, calls for "global governance", the creation of a "new world order" and pacts with the United Nations.

Picture: John-Henry Westen, #newsMlmdibeqea