Victoria María

Casen Broussard, the cancer-stricken boy who spoke with Jesus

"I was in heaven with Jesus. We had wings and flew together ": the story of the boy picked up by some media.…/casen-broussard…
Just two and a half years, Casen Broussard was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer "is developed by immature nerve cells," usually in the adrenal glands.
Since then, tells the American television station WLBT, his life has been anything but normal. Care, racing to the hospital in Memphis, fear of not being on time. But not alone. There is a further episode even more anomalous Casen history. In this ordeal, which now seems to get better, little would have spoken with Jesus.
Is some history be? The truth is that several media outlets around the world echo it made.
As type Indipendent Journal (November 30), which took up the story, the child has given precise information about their alleged dialogues. "? Casen, with whom you have spoken" Mom asked, and he: "With Jesus". And dad, who asked him, the small replied: "Do you really not know? Can not you see it? ".
Before facing one of the operations, also the grandmother asked, "We asked him if he was there, and he said yes. Casen nodded and said, yes, he's up there. " What surprised everyone however was the account he gave after the operation. "I've been in heaven," he said, and asked, "Who was?". The boy replied: "Jesus, the Father and the other". Casen explained in detail how was Paradise, which look like Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit also cited.
According to relatives of the child, the only explanation is Casen history who has lived an extraordinary experience. No one could have talked about it and not be able to invent such a story by itself.
When asked what he had seen in the sky, he said: "the people of Paradise." Furthermore, Jesus told him to return home. And to the question of how it happened, Casen said: "He pushed me, I jumped and started to fly." Casen that had wings in the period when he was in Paradise.
Casen's story has brought the whole family to God. Now we think a million times more in God. " After the bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy treatments, which ended last July, now has a medical examination should confirm the progress of these months.…/casen-broussard…