Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal

Italian Wimp Bishops Let the State Dictate

The Italian government "allowed" public Masses to resume on May 18, although it has no legal competence to decide such matters, but the bishops don't stand up for the Church.

Man restrictions will be imposed. The worst: Priests must wear disposable gloves and masks although touching the Holy Species with gloves is a sacrilege. The faithful must wear masks.

Access to churches must be regulated and limited. Holy Water is to be replaced with sanitisers. Singing must be avoided.

The illegal decree is presented as "agreement" between the Bishops, the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary.

Similar restrictions which make an acceptable celebration of Mass impossible, are currently enforced all over the world.

In Italy, less than 300 people under the age of 50 died from the coronavirus - 99% of them with co-morbidities. In the same age group more people perished from the flu.

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While I loathe the Novus Ordo Mass, the Catholic Church claims it's valid. How's that schism working out for you, KristianKeller? Not half as profitable as site-shilling, eh?
This is invalid Mass, see more about that here:…/new-rite-of-ord…
Your spin is a testament to your charity, Guido Fawkes . Having far less of it myself, I wouldn't frame his behaviour quite so favorably. ;-)