Here Is What Fuels the Demand For the Traditional Latin Mass

The awareness of the Traditional Latin Mass is “quite high” in the US because of Catholic websites popularising this liturgy, Cardinal Raymond Burke told (May 10).

A survey commissioned by shows that more than 72% (!) of the practicing US Catholics are aware of the Traditional Latin Mass, and more than 41% would attend it weekly if it were celebrated in their parishes.

Burke confirmed that he experienced a great openness in the US regarding the Roman Liturgy. Among the bishops promoting it, Burke lists Portland Bishop Sample and San Francisco Bishop Cordileone.

However, an Italian Cardinal once told Burke about the Traditional Latin Mass, “Leave this thing to the French and the Americans, because the Italians are not very interested.”

Father Davide Pagliarani, the superior general of the Priestly Society of Pius X is an Italian.

Picture: Raymond Burke, © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsAlhezsgrdd

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