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Protest Worked: The Gorilla Was Naked, And They Clothed It

The statue of a blue gorilla who used to display his genitals in the church Saint Pierre d'Arène in Nice, France, has been dressed. (July 22) reports that this is a consequence of international protests against an x-rated representation in a Church that is under pressure from the ongoing sexual abuse hype.

The blue gorilla is part of an exhibition.

Gesù è con noi
It did not work because the House of God should not be used for secular profane purposes. Modernist Freemasons are so cunning that to silence the Catholic opposition they give in a bit. The profane exposure must have been suspended altogether.
Gesù è con noi
This profanity blasphemous of the house of God is not called "exhibition" is called sacrilege. 😡 😡 😡