Francis Promotes “Integral Humanism" To Protect "Mother Earth”

The need for a "cooperation between religions" is all the more pressing for humanity today, said Pope Francis during a November 22 inter-religious meeting in Bangkok.

Talking like a politician, he mentioned problems like migration, refugees, famine and war and warned of an alleged “degradation and destruction of our common home,” an expression Francis previously explained as synonym of “Mother Earth.”

Francis called for the promotion of an "integral humanism" in order to protect "our common home.” In is unclear what "integral humanism" is.

Picture: © Vatican Media, #newsHopyxsnatz

He also said this, “The great religious traditions of our world bear witness to a transcendent and widely shared spiritual patrimony…” -

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Francis praised Thailand. Yet, Thailand is an authoritarian monarchy with a state religion
Novella Nurney
But it's not a Christian monarchy nor Christian religion, nor is Eoropean, hence the praise.
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