Apostate deacon and his bisexual daughter will witness for LGBTQ at World GAY Meeting ANTI Families in Dublin.

Apostate Deacon Ray Dever
Advocate : "Deacon Ray Dever of Tampa, Fla., and his 25-year-old bi daughter, Emily Dever, plan to be “a visible presence” at the church event, according to a press release from New Ways Ministry, which advocates for LGBTQ equality in Catholicism".

His daughter likes dark clothes, judging from the photo.
Bergoglio likely supports pretended homosexual marriage like his patron Danneels publicly did. He needs more time to do damage.
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Gay Irish Prime Minister Will Push Francis to Accept Homosexual Fornication
There will be Sex abuse protesters to confront Bergoglio during his visit to Ireland
If he does not cancel this Gay meeting, the Catholic brothers should wait for him with protests as this traitorous accomplice of pedophiles deserves.
It must be stopped.
Apparently, Nick O'Shea from the dissident 'Westminster LGBT Pastoral Initiative' (the new name for the notorious ex-'Soho Masses Pastoral Group') will be presenting at this conference.
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
The apostate Ray Dever is a permanent deacon in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. Ray Dever is a frequent speaker and writer who is pushing LGBTQ agenda against the Catholic Teaching in rebellion against the Word of God..
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
GAY apostate dissidents New Ways Ministry gay activists: "Supporting marriage equality evidently isn't a dealbreaker in order to sing for Pope Francis!"
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis