Logic of a Nursery School: No Sword Anymore

Even the secular media make fun about the decision of Cardinal Fernando Filoni, the Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, to remove the sword from the investiture rite of the knights.

Tradition dates the order back to the First Crusade which was victoriously led by Godfrey of Bouillon (+1100). (May 18) criticises that the Church is “too sensitive to trends,” but explains that “especially with Bergoglio, rather than restoring the spirit of anticipating the Afterlife, it has chosen to bow to the spirit of the times by accepting its tics and tendencies.”

According to Filoni, the rite with the sword “discriminates” against the female members of the order. A similar "logic" is often applied in kindergartens, according to the principle: "I don't have it, so I don't want you to have it either."

Evidently, the knights have already been emasculated to the extent that they accept the decision.

Picture: © Dieter Schmitt, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsMjmvnsvwjh

Jeffrey Ade
Once again Gregory Dillsavor in his book , Priest Prophet and King dispells the myth that women are slited when men at like men. There is no injustice or inequality when we act according to our God given natures! It works for women also!
Kinda reminds one of the new KC regalia...
Hugh N. Cry