Damijan Grlec
From which movie is the clip? Inam histtorian interested in this things. In my country there was the same situation between 15th and middle of 17th century. Hundreds of thousands killed by raiding Turks. Whole areas exterminated. Many times they are raiding the same localoties two or three times in the same year.
Ludovic Denim
You can find the source here : Islam’s Eastern European slave trade by Muslim Turks (Ottoman) and Arabs
Here another one, European slaves in a slave markets of the Ottoman Empire : European slaves in the slave market of the Ottoman Empire - video Dailymotion
I was under the impression that Africans were the only group of people that were enslaved - he said sarcastically.
Ludovic Denim
It seems like Russian peoples should soon go back to the arms of their muslim « friends » and that things should end up not the way they expect it despite the hundreds years where it was hidden, like the slave trade for Western Europeans by North Africans...
Ludovic Denim
Des Russes étaient aussi mis en esclavage par les Tartars musulmans.