Christ Crucified

Oh, the beauty of the cross, the wounds glorified, may His blood ever cleanse my sin.
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And God Came Down

Laying aside His Majesty, and Glory, He took the form of man, taking our sin and nailing it to the cross.
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The Fifth Cup

Christ drank the cup of wrath, taking our sin upon Himself, nailing it to the cross.
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Why We Celebrate New Years

We do not know the future, but we know Who Holds our future in His nail scarred hands. Have a blest New Year to you all. Much Love Soundingjoy
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Dear frpope, Bless you this new year and may the peace of God guide your heart as you minister to many.


May the peace of God that surpasses understanding, keep your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus.
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I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

May I follow in His steps, take up my cross, being faithful to Him.
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Dear Gregory, brother in Christ, how Mary must have carried a wounded heart for Her Son, and for us. I am amazed because of the boundless love shown … More
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Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen
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Dear Rhemes1582, May the Glory of Christ fill you always. May Mary, Queen of heaven hold up before our Lord, hearing your praise and prayers

Come To Me

"Come unto Me, all who are heavy laden with care, and I will give you rest."
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Your Blood Ran Down

What wondrous Wounds as His Blood flows down over the leporsy of our sin.
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Lord Have Mercy

Lord, have mercy on my sinful heart. Christ have mercy.
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Dear RevSpitz, Blessings to you as we contemplate the beautiful Sacrifice of Christ. Soundingjoy
Dear Domsbrat, May the love of Christ and His Beauty shine through you. Soundingjoy

Promise of Easter

What wondrous love is this, the Innocent Christ takes the leporsy of my sin, nailing it to His cross.
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The Last Supper

What wonder, what love, bestowed upon our lives, through the form of a servant.
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The Blood of Jesus

Oh, what wonder, the Blood of Christ cleansing us from sin, bleeding, dying, loving from the cross of torment. Oh, may I say I have loved.
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My precious brother in Christ, surely He has borne our sorrows, becoming sin for us, this pure Lamb of God, shedding His blood, pouring over our … More
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We hide in His Wounds, finding there there the solace for our suffering, enableing us to take up our cross and follow Him. When God calls us, He bids us come to die, to self, pride, and every … More
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Dear Gregroy, how I will ever understand the Sacrifice of His Holy love. Oh may I say I have loved, sharing in the suffering of my Lord. What Holy … More
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The Cross

"And He bearing His Cross went forth." He carried the wood that would be His altar, paying the price for our salvation in the warm lifeblood from His heart.
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Bless you Rhemes1582, may we ever keep His cross before us.
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It Wasn't The Nails

"And He bearing His cross, went forth." ~~One of the most severe elements of degradation in Roman Crucifixion, as they bound the fatal wood upon His shoulders, by Whose power that tree was made to … More
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Dear Gregory, brother in Christ, what a hiding place is the cross of Christ. You can tell who have fled to it's shelter in the storm. It was sins's … More
Dear Holyrope3, What peace to know He bore our sins on the tree. His love sustain you this day as you share His mercy with others.
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His Blood

The Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world, assures us, we were not just an after thought of God. He bore us in His heart as He hung on the cross, torn with wounds, racked with pain from our sin, bleeding for us.
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Dear RomanCandle, So completely committed was Jesus to save sinners, He created the tree upon which He would die. ~~ Oh, the depth of love for … More
Lord Jesus, at the Hour of Great Mercy I think of you shedding your precious blood, and enduring a long and agonising death on the Cross of Calvary … More
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This Man Was Innocent

God became man, took our sins, though innocent, He became guilty that we might be made pure through the blood of His cross.
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May we bare the marks of His Ownership. Bless you RomanCandle and may His cross ever be before you. Soundingjoy
Show me a man making the Sign of the Cross and I will know what the cross means to him.
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Names of Christ

He is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Savior, Immanuel, and King of Kings.
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Dear RomanCandle, Blessings to you during this time of lent
King of Love, King of Mercy, King of Friday; may your glorious radiance restore us to health and well being.
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It Is Finished

" It is Finished." Word of chance uttered by a desperate martyr? No, words of intent, painted by the Divine Deliverer on the canvas of sacrifice.
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Dear Romancandle, The Cross, the war, "It is Finished," was the aftermath. Were it a symphony, this would be the final note. Were it a storm, it … More
The phrase “It is finished” is rich in meaning. One of the ways the original Greek text can be translated is “paid in full”; not only for one … More