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Dec. 15, Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Seraphic Order.

This feast recently granted to the Franciscan Order is the logical consequence of the concession which allows them to add to the Litany of our Lady the invocation “Queen of the Order of Friars Minor.… More
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Dec. 14, Bl. Conrad of Offida, Confessor of the first Order.

Blessed Conrad was born in 1241. At the age of fifteen, he entered the Order of St. Francis. He began his theological studies with success, then gave them up with great humility to devote himself to … More
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No sorry, I do not know. Perhaps St. Francis?
@kam, do you know who is represented in the person on the left?
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Dec. 13, Bl. Pius Bartosik, Priest, Conventual religious, Martyr 1941

Ludwik Bartosik was born on August 21st, 1909, at Kokanin, near Kalisz. He was the firstborn of Wojciech, shoemaker, and Wiktoria Tomczyk. His parents were very poor. Thanks to the efforts of the … More
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Dec. 12, The Finding of the Body of Our Father St. Francis.

On May 25 of the year 1230, the body of St. Francis was solemnly transferred from the church of St. George to the basilica which had just been built in his honour. This precious relic was buried at … More
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Dec. 11, Bl. Hugolinus Magalotti, Confessor, Franciscan Third Order Secular.

Hugolinus was a scion of the famous and noble family of the Magalotti. He was born toward the close of the fourteenth century on an estate near the city of Camerino, Italy. His mother died while he … More
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Dec. 5, Bl. Peter of Siena, Confessor, Franciscan Third Order Secular.

Peter was a simple combmaker of Siena, and was faithfully devoted to his work. He sanctified it by prayer and united his hardships with the fatigue of our Savior in His work at Nazareth. In his love … More
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Dec. 5, Bl. Nicholas of Tavilei, Martyr of the first Order

Blessed Nicholas was born in Dalmatia. At an early age he became a Franciscan. After remaining some years at Rivo-Torto he was sent on a mission by his superiors. For twelve years Nicholas traveled … More
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Dec. 1, Bl. Gerard of Cagnoli, Confessor of the first Order

Blessed Gerard, who sprang from the illustrious family of the Cagnoli, was conspicuous at an early age for his deep humility, and his charity towards the sick, especially lepers. To escape the many … More
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Nov. 30, Bl. Anthony Bonfadini, Priest, religious of the Franciscan 1st Order.

Blessed Anthony Bonfadini was a member of a noble family of Ferrara, Italy, and spent the early part of his life enjoying the leisure of amusements of court life. At the age of thirty-nine, he … More
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Anton Bonfadini ora pro nobis+
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Nov. 29, Feast of All Saints of the Seraphic Order.

The Franciscan Order has always been the source of great sanctity. Its Menology includes six thousand martyrs, confessors, virgins or widows, all found within the Franciscan family. And how great … More
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Nov. 28, St. James of the March, Confessor of the first Order.

St. James of the March was born in 1391 in the small town of Monte Brandone, in Italy. He took the habit of the Friars Minor at St. Mary of the Angels and did his novitiate at the Carceri. Hardly … More
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Nov. 27, Bl. Humble of Bisignano, Confessor of the first Order.

After a youth spent as a labourer in the fields, blessed Humble entered the Order of St Francis as a lay brother. All his life was spent in uninterrupted union with God. His purity was so great that … More
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Nov. 27, Bl. Bernardine of Fossa, Confessor of the first Order.

Born in Fossa, later a brilliant law student, blessed Bernardine understood the vanity of human affairs at an early age. When he was twenty-five, he left the world and went to ask St. James of the … More
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Nov. 22, Bl. Salvator Lilli, Priest, religious of the Franciscan 1st Order, martyr.

Son of Vincenzo and Annunziata Lilli. Joined the Franciscans in 1870, making his vows on 6 August 1871. Studied at the Franciscan seminary in the Holy Lands. Ordained in Bethlehem on 6 April 1878. … More
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Nov. 20, Bl. Migagros Ortells, Virgin, Capuchin religious, Martyr.

Born in Valencia, November 29 1882, in Zaragoza. She was the third and last child of Enrique Ortells and Donna Dolores Gimeno. She was baptized November 30, 1882 in the parish church of San Juan … More
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(yesterday) Nov. 19, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Widow, Principal patroness of the third Order.

St. Elizabeth, one of the greatest glories of the Seraphic Order, was born in 1207. She was promised in marriage at a very early age, according to the custom of the country, and was brought up at … More
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Nov. 17, Bl. Jane of Signa, Virgin, Franciscan Third Order Secular

Jane was born in 1244 near Signa, not far from Florence. Her parents were poor and devout peasants, and from her earliest years Jane tended her father’s sheep. Prayer and meditation were her … More
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Nov. 16, St. Agnes of Assisi, Virgin, the Franciscan 2nd-Order; a "Poor Clare" sister.

When St Clare received the veil in 1212, she left behind her at home a young sister of 14 named Agnes. In answer to Clare's prayers and inspired by God, Agnes betook herself to the same convent … More
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Bl. Sebastien de Jesus, lay brother, religious of the Franciscan 1st Order.

A Spanish Francisan whose reputation for sanctity resulted in Charles III of Spain requesting fhis beatification. Interrupted by the death of the King, the process remained unfinished many years, … More
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