Written in 1950s (posted 5 years ago) but still great

The Age of Mary

[Taken from The Communion of Saints: Sanctity Through the Centuries] A girl, or as we may call her, a woman, is in herself the most wonderful creatu…
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4 dicembre 2017, 07:05 BENEDICTUS PP. XVI : Unico e Vero Papa finché in Vita : “Dubia” e “Correctio filialis” BENEDICTUS PP. XVI Unico e Vero Papa … More
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He propagated at least two evolution farces (Shanghai man, and another "missing link" from England, @Dr stress -help me out with the name) and they're of course trying to make way for his eventual … More

The Vatican Is Going To Accept Condemned Teilhard de Chardin

The Pontifical Council for Culture unanimously approved a petition to Pope Francis requesting him to waive the condemnation of Jesuit Father Teilhard de Chardin (+1955). The Council is headed by […
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@GJA Taylor @tbswv @ndhorner 4 dicembre 2017, 07:06 BENEDICTUS PP. XVI : Unico e Vero Papa finché in Vita : “Dubia” e “Correctio filialis” BENED… More
1952 , Teilhard wrote in a letter: “As I love to say, the synthesis of the Christian God (of the above) and the Marxist God (of the forward) – … More

Robot Sophia speaks at Saudi Arabia's Future Investment Initiative

A chillingly informational read on a different side of supposed progress.
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The Moral Question of Circumcision ~ Dr David Lang

Circumcision? Should we as Catholics be, or have our children circumcised? More
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Unfortunately I was mutilated.
@prince0357 No harm to man?! It is an utter mutilation the show discusses what you claim to be advantages, and even takes a whole segment to talk … More
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says it all
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those priests that are distroying the church should repent or leave
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US is not far behind.

What’s changed in Britain since same-sex marriage? | The Spectator Australia

Four years ago, amid much uncertainty, 400 British members of parliament voted to redefine marriage in the United Kingdom. Then prime minister David …
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Nothing more needs be said.

Akin: Protestants Aren’t Heretics, Catholics Should Commemorate the Reformation

Inspired by Francis commemorating the Reformation on Halloween of last year, Ecumenical events commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation…
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alex j
Why accept the title protestant! if you'r not a heretic ? Clearly rational and logical thought remains a mystery to non catholics. Still, you are in … More
@paul grech - couldn't have said it better myself

The King of Future America

Charles Coulombe theorizes how US could become a monarchy. He talks about certain parts of his book: Star Spangled Crown, but does not try to directly advertise it. More
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Nothing more be said unless you think "Israel" is a truly jsut country

Heads of Churches in Jerusalem express concern regarding breaches of the Status Quo in the Jaffa …

In July 2017, we, the heads of the Churches in Jerusalem, were compelled to issue a public statement of concern regarding breaches of the Status Quo that governs the Holy Sites and ensures the …
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Where do you think fetal stem cells for "research" comes.
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mccallansteve True observation. Our Episcopate is performing "magic" to influence our government and Poles to accept islamic immigrants. In the … More
People know that this is how they get fetal stem cells for research, and it is exactly why the Church tells us that fetal stem cell research is … More

Gay Mafia

Download: gay mafia Members of the Church who openly condone LGBT More
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A really good essay on a well debated apparition. Should have related links to an audio episode released this week that coincides.

The ‘Good Fruits’ of Medjugorje

The Holy Father has recently…/francis-closes-… about Medjugorje that have got people talking. Now, these negative statemen…
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