19 Year Old Teen In France Stabbed To Death!

"The victim, Baptiste, was leaving the apartment of a friend, when a stranger confronted him in the staircase over too much noise. Baptiste and a friend told the man ‘they had nothing to do with it’.… More
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Egyptian Christians Slaughtered

This past Sunday, Gatestone Institute did a report on the recent slaughter of Coptic Christians and I will do my best to cover it and it needs to be covered, no one is, the Government of Egypt has … More
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The Importance Of Defending Your Christian Heritage!

I will be speaking on why we must keep and defend our Christian Heritage and even Promote it! As Viktor Orban of Hungary is doing, what Poland is doing, what the other nations in Europe is doing … More
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Spiritual Warfare: Know Your Enemy!

1 Hour and 31 Minutes Long I've told people to get this book by…/1847393551 to learn what we are not taught on how to protect our self in spiritual warfare. We are taught the … More
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Why Do Middle Eastern Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures? By Burak Bekdil

Why Do Middle Eastern Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures? By Burak Bekdil Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has often argued that Christian Europe should admit more Muslim refugees. "I'll …
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Is It True Pope Francis Invokes Travel Ban On Bishop Schneider?

See Tweet by Deacon Nick Donnelly on Twitter, Has anyone have news to share on this? click the link and Tweet it to him, or comment and I can.
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interesting @mattsixteen24 must of been recent.
Must of been recent because he came to my Church a few weeks back.

The New Jihad: More Threatening Than Ever

Once again, Gatestone Institute and their team, has hit another one out of the park, so glad they are continuing to go after the European Commision Court Of Human Rights, this latest report is how … More
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Feast Of All Souls or As The Seculars Call It, Halloween

So while fake or professional "catholics" celebrate Halloween and go around in secular costumes or costumes as the Devil, or his minions, Witchs, and other Satanic things. True Catholics remember … More
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Our All Souls Program Today!

Listen live at 8:30 AM Central, 9:30 AM Eastern, 7:30 AM Mountain, 5:30 AM Pacific, 1:30 PM UK, 2:30 PM France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Poland, etc. Feast of All Souls or As The Secu…
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European Commission Court Backs Sharia Law

So the European Commission Court of Human Rights is backing Sharia Law So why are they doing this? Are they blinded by their power, money and hatred for all things Europe? When in fact their own … More
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The Hidden Treasures of Holy Mass Chapter One Part Two!

We pick up at Part Two of Chapter One of The Hidden Treasures of Holy Mass. VII. But if the intrinsic wonder and glory of the sacrifice move you not, be moved at least by the extreme necessity for … More
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The Annihilation Of Iraq's Christian Minority

Gatestone Institute has done another excellent job of investigation here into the numbers of Iraqi Christians just disappearing and the Christians themselves say, "Contacting the authorities forces … More
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On The Holy Mass and The Hidden Treasure Of It By Saint Leonard of Port Maurice

Treasures, however great and precious, are never appreciated until examined, counted over, and summed up. Hence it is, dear reader, that by many there is formed no due estimate of the holy and awful … More
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Defending The Catholic Faith From Heretical Clergy Part Two

We will be continuing where we left off, that is finishing the document by Pope Benedict XV On Preaching The Word of God and then we will do the Sermon of Saint Alphonsus Liguori On The Abuse of … More
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Listen To Defending The Catholic Faith From Heretical Clergy Part Two

Listen Live To Defending The Catholic Faith From Heretical Clergy Part Two Listen at 8 AM Central, 9 AM Eastern, 1 PM UK, 2 PM France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and Poland We …
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Today In Catholic History: The Start Of The Siege Of Antioch of The First Crusade

Today is in Catholic History the First Crusade the Siege of Antioch begins and I will share from the chronicles. “The siege of Antioch rapidly assumed legendary status in the experience of the partic…
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Blessed Marco D' Aviano, Pray For Us!

Since watching the movie…/B00JZYCA6E, it has re-energized my Faith to how it should be and now I must try to get you re-energized as the photo says.
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