Trump Defends Francis' [Not] Handling of the Abuse Crisis

Wow.., I didn't know that Mr Trump promoted Gay, he's stained too, poor man

Irish Priest at Cathedral in Newry teaches homosexual marriage is now okay

This priest has denied his Faith and is worse than an unbeliever. Catholics must avoid such heretics who pretend to be Catholics, and hold teaching positions in the Church

Francis Consults With Pro-Gay Coccopalmerio About Sanctioning Whistle-Blower Vigano

'Vatican' will loose it's Faith'- It has lost already. They are openly gay, have secured highest places of government in the Church.. it's demonic. Maybe even the 'pope' Francis is gay homosexual... but, gates of hell will NOT prevail

Francis Holding Hands of a Gay Activist

Rome has lost it's Faith

There Is a Homosexual Problem Among Bishops – Cardinal Burke

Why this problem? Is it because they don't marry ladies, so the males turn on themselves?? No one forces people nowadays to enter Religious Orders. Are Nuns lesbian too?? What a disaster! Better to marry and have children, then to lie about chastity and continence to God and His Church..few people can fall ,ok -but this is 'en masse' -a multitude have fallen.. maybe they are pushed for high … More

Pope Francis Changes Catechism - Declares Death Penalty 'Inadmissible'

Hmm..., it's lawful, though tragic,to kill in defense. The mahomedans were attacked and some killed,in defense of Christendom,ie: Lepanto, Vienna...but to kill the well guarded security prisons...?why?

Bishop Schneider: “There Is a Plan to Islamize Europe”

Let me cling to Jesus my Lord with all my heart....

Vatican publishes document declaring a “female diaconate” is a possibility in the Catholic Church

Enciclical on Modernism,by Pope Pius X, already speaks about those errors. Must read or listen. It's on YouTube

Jean-Claude Juncker stumbles [drunk?] At the NATO summit

They don't even bother about it.. are not ashamed...for them we are just a mob and they're gods to themselves....

American Bishop Asks Cardinal Farrell an Embarrassing Question

Maybe the Vatican is trying to put this dicastery under layman's jurisdiction, and is just preparing the public for this move by Cardinal's statements.....

The Victim Is the Priest, Not the Baby by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

The priest was wrong, but the old man didn't deserve the brutal comments towards him...he is anold man, and elderly people suffer from many mental and psychological ailments..he is not fit for public priestly ministry, and bishop did well to send the sick old priest into retirement

"Sacramental Ordination" Of Women Under Discussion - Cardinal Schönborn

The Carthusian Female branch supposedly has Mother Superiors- (in italian-Abadesse),ordained? as Deaconesses..... I wonder what is that.... they ordain? these women for centuries now...