Saint Maximilian Kolbe new DVD trailer

Pop on your headphones and shut out the world for two minutes as you listen to original music taken from our new film about Saint Maximilian Kolbe. In 2007 Mary’s Dowry productions created a new … More
Dr. John Smythe
Theoretically every movie is made in someone's backyard. Regardless of how "amazing" it is, one should congratulate those who are actually doing … More

Making movies of the Saints and Martyrs

An insight into Mary's Dowry Productions, a Catholic Film Production company founded in 2007 to present the lives of the English Martyrs in film. We were founded to present the inspiring biographies … More

Interview with King Henry VIII

Taken from our 2012 documentary An Inside Look at Mary's Dowry Productions, this snippet interviews one of our actors who has portrayed various saints and martyrs in our films. Mary's Dowry … More

Saint Robert Southwell Film Trailer, English Martyr, Elizabethan Jesuit, NEW FILM

Trailer for a new film presenting the life, mission and martyrdom of Jesuit Elizabethan missionary priest Saint Robert Southwell. Due for release in 2015, check our website for more information and … More

The PRIEST HOLE MAKER, an ingenious English Martyr, St. Nicholas Owen - as seen on EWTN

Advert for a film that takes a creative, detailed and devotional look at the famous maker of priest holes, St. Nicholas Owen who was eventually killed in the Tower of London by the English … More

THE QUEEN'S DIAMOND: English Martyr St. Edmund Campion, God's Champion

Absorbing, detailed, creative encounter with heroic Jesuit priest and Martyr Saint Edmund Campion, once known as Queen Elizabeth I's diamond and eventually executed by her for his priesthood and … More

English Martyr gives a tour of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Jesuit priest Henry Morse

DVD film trailer for a new film presenting the fascinating life of Jesuit priest and English Martyr St. Henry Morse, looking at his whole journey including his early education, his time in Rome … More

Let's look at St. Thomas More: Knight, Chancellor of England and English Martyr

A trailer for a film looking in detail at St. Thomas More, from his early years, his marriage, his family and his friendship with King Henry VIII, to his refusal to join the King in Schism which led … More

Our Lady of Walsingham, NEW documentary trailer, Richeldis de Faverches

Presented on location at the Shrine of St. Philip Howard, English Martyr, Earl of Arundel and cousin of Queen Elizabeth I, this documentary takes a detailed, devotional and creative look at the … More

St. Anthony of Padua, new film trailer

Trailer for a new film out now on DVD worldwide through Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon. A simple, detailed, devotional and creative way to enjoy the inspiring life of St. Anthony of Padua.

Saint Bede: Doctor of the Church

Trailer for full-length film on DVD about St. Bede: England's Doctor of the Church, available worldwide from Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon.

Saint Alexander Briant, English Martyr, Executed with St. Edmund Campion, new film

Young Catholic priest from Somerset in England, sacrificed his life for the Catholic Faith in Elizabethan England. His love of the Passion of Christ gave him great insights into suffering. He … More
Monika Elisabeth
cool, den muss ich sehen

When its all been said and done, the Catholic Martyrs, Mary's Dowry

A compilation of footage taken from a selection of films presenting the lives of the Catholic Martyrs of England and Wales whose heroic sacrifices for the True Faith are an inspiration for today. … More
A previewing of the film. I'm interested. The background music is beautifully sung.

Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa, her life in film, advert, Feast Day

Blessed Alexandrina's feast day is October 13th. Share her life story in an hour long biographical documentary from Mary's Dowry Productions available on DVD through our online shop or AMAZON. Or … More

Saint Edmund Campion, English Martyr, film advert

Saint Edmund Campion's life presented in a film available worldwide on DVD through Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon Com and Amazon UK. A great way to share his inspiring story!

The Last Conversations of Therese, new Catholic film, the Little Flower

A new film about the last few months of St Therese of Lisieux's life, where her conversations during that time give incredibly rich insights into her soul. Available worldwide through Amazon and … More

Kateri Tekakwitha DVD film advert, Lily of the Mohawks

Produced in 2011 this is a detailed and devotional presentation of the life of Kateri Tekakwitha by Mary's Dowry Productions, available worldwide on DVD through our online shop at Mary's Dowry … More
I was deeply impressed by this film, I heard a lot of interesting stories about Kateri Tekakwitha and this movie presented a lot of interesting … More

Our Lord pleads for Eucharistic Reparation

A clip from the documentary on 'Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa' produced by Mary's Dowry Productions. The full-length film runs for one hour and covers Blessed Alexandrina's awesome journey as a … More
Love this Saint shes so little and great.

Satan opposes Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa - film clip

An excerpt from the documentary film on Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa, a victim soul, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2004. The full-length documentary is available from Mary's Dowry … More
holyrope 3
This is wonderful, I read about this amazing servant of God. Thank you for posting this!