Francis Accepts Resignation of Bishop Who Openly Rebuked Him

Pope Francis accepted on June 26 the resignation of the 64-year-old Carpi Bishop Francesco Cavina, Italy.

Cavina became the victim of a dirty media campaign involving his name in suspected networks between leftwing politicians and businessmen ahead for last elections in Italy.

The police illegally leaked the secret investigation in real time to the media. When the damage was done, Cavina's name was cleared of all charges.

Cavina said in a statement that his time as bishop was “marked by continuous attempts to delegitimize him as well as, more recently, telephone intercepts following complaints of supposed crimes.”

Anti-Church journalist Robert Mickens ( remembers on Twitter that Cavina became famous in 2015 for telling Francis to his face that he was not acting like a pope urging him to stop dominating the media spotlight and saying things off the cuff.

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