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Bishop Against Francis: "Conscience" Cannot Excuse Sin

Madison Bishop Robert Morlino criticises the idea [advocated by Pope Francis] that "conscience" can dispense from following Church teaching.

Talking to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo (August 23), he said, “Too often people have excused themselves from sinful behaviours by saying, ‘I’m following my conscience and that’s the highest law.”

For Morlino, a contraposition of the objective law and the subjective understanding of it is “the linchpin of so many problems since the [Second] Vatican Council”.

Morlino further accuses “a desire to keep abuses away from homosexuality and move it towards paedophilia”.

He points out that over 80% of the victims of clerical abuse have been postpubescent males.


God bless you Bishop Morlino for your courageous, honest, clear, prudent, and in my understanding, accurate comments, so necessary to feed Jesus' lambs, and their shepherds...
Great interview! He hit all the topics on my mind.