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Francis’ Proxy Does "Not Celebrate" the Rejection of Abortion in Argentinia

Argentina’s Senate rejected on August 8 a bill to legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández of La Plata, Argentina, said on Twitter that he "does not celebrate" the ‘no’ to abortion, because "I believe that neither legislators nor society in general can go to sleep peacefully”.

What worries Fernández are “unwanted pregnancies” [= pro-abortion terminology].

Fernández is a proxy of Pope Francis who became an object of ridicule for his book on the "art of kissing".

Picture: Víctor Manuel Fernánde, © Universidad Católica Argentina, CC BY-SA, #newsSsagmlyzta
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Il eut mieux valu que Fernández eût été avorté.
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He is an open communist, who says Leonardo Boff is the best theologian in Church history: do the math: a communist and a mediocre - if you will forgive the repetition
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Dr Bobus
According to the theology of Fernandez, the Holocaust was not problematic beause Hitler et al wanted the best for Germany.

Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here.
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Given Frank's adulatory praise of abortionist (boasted of carrying out 10,000) and Radical party politician as 'one of Italy's forgotten greats,' it is clear he supports abortion, even noting some for the record criticisms of it. Another foul Francisbishop.
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We also condemn Mario Poli's double stance to support young abortion activists.…/exclusiva-el-es…
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angry bob
Never read the book "The Are of Kissing" sounds creepy. Anyway the Clerics have gone off the rails.
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Outrageous and disgusting. Unless his account was hacked, this is a misuse of the office as of a bishop to teach the truth. Fornicators might not sleep well... and that would be right.
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