Francis Imposes Concelebration For Priests Living in Rome

Roberto de Mattei writes in Corrispondenza Romana about a secret working paper of the Congregation for the Clergy, which is circulating in Roman Seminaries and Collegios, i.e. houses where priests, who study in Rome live. The paper wants that the young priests stop saying Holy Mass and participate instead in mass-concelebrations.

According to De Mattei, already on April 1st 2017 Pope Francis tried to denigrate the celebration of Mass as "individualism" and recommended concelebration instead, while addressing priests, who study in Rome.

According to De Mattei, the working paper writes in bold that "the concelebrated Mass is to be preferred to the individual celebration". The paper invites the superiors of the Collegios to encourage this by having up to three concelebrations a day.

De Mattei points out, that this new disposition violates Canon 902 of the Code of Canon Law according to which priests "can concelebrate the Eucharist" but "they are completely free to celebrate the Eucharist individually."

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, Aleteia, CC BY-SA, #newsFclechxvso

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@amni_jane: The term "concelebrate" is misleading. The "concelebrating" priests are only bystanders. They do not celebrate. To say that a priest is celebrating Mass alone, is like saying that a driver is driving a car "alone" or a pianist is playing his piece "alone". One has monasteries or Roman Collegios with "concelebrations" where young priests would not say Mass for months, but are only bystanders. This is not heathy.
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@amni_jane celebrating mass alone is done this way.... the priest decides to celebrate mass.... dresses in his vestments...celebrates mass... job done if there aren't busy bodies in the congregation running and jumping and singing kumbaiyah my lord doesn't make one jot of a difference for the sacrifice of the Mass.
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@amni_jane "in authentic idea of celebrating mass alone"? What? What a ridiculous suggestion. VIi document on liturgy sacrosanctum concilium (SC) 57 gives a clear idea of when and where to concelebrate see here…/vat-ii_const_19…

No where does it impose con celebration.
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is the issue the inauthentic idea of celebrating mass alone. As in "when two or more are gathered...." how can you celebrate mass alone..?