Samaritan at the Well Icon.

Recent Workshop in St Peters Lewes Delaware we painted the Samaritan at the Well Icon. Icons are used in individual prayer and during retreats. Narrative icons are especially suited to stimulate the … More

We are a reflections on the same

We have the capacity to love all that we hate, we have the capacity to move forward towards communal thinking when we surrender the “I, me, mine”, We can be one with everything when we see without … More

Hunger for Wholeness

We are making one another disappear through our electronic devices which drive the illusion that we are present but not really present. We believe the cyber space in our phone is filling our … More

Hunger for Wholenss

We have the capacity to love all that we hate, we have the capacity to move forward towards communal thinking when we surrender the “I, me, mine”, We can be one with everything when we see without … More

Walking on sacred ground

How we see the world is how we love the world. It is our human responsibility to care for the earth, for the future generations, and for the continued evolution of divine love. Walk on the earth and … More

Think about this.

Contemplate how to love without asking anything in return. Blessed are the poor, they can show us who we are just by how they love. Endless forgiveness for those who have made them poor.

Sprit and flesh together

Contemplate, Wait and Be Present in the Eucharist. We need religion and ritual because they both inspire our consciousness to evolve. Thoughts and awareness are essential to knowing, but stillness … More

Still Lives of Saints: The enduring spiritual power of icons

Praying with icons lead Mary Jane Miller to paint them. Simply “Gazing” at any icon image has the power of transporting the mind to another realm of delight and deeper encounter with the unseen. … More

Painting the Face of Jesus

The face of Christ icon is the most simplified of all icons, it is His face as a portrait and reminder of the mysterious presence that is in everything, everywhere, all the time. Gazing at the face … More

Image of Jesus Christ

Jesus’ healing miracles have inspired many of Mary Jane Miller's icons. Women where there at the miracle moments—whether it is the hemorrhaging woman holding fast to Jesus’ garment, or Martha and … More

Ignatian spirituality and prayer

Icons can be used in individual prayer or during retreats. They are especially suited to Ignatian forms of prayer to stimulate the imagination, to open doorways to mystical and spiritual realities. … More

Egg Tempera painting demonstration by Mary Jane Miller in San Miguel de Allende.

No artistic experience is necessary for the iconography classes in egg tempera. The iconography classes are taught inclusive of time for meditation, watching the mind and seeing your hand move as an … More
Bishop William Gregg said, “The original icons demonstrate a deep understanding of the inconographic tradition woven with a stretching of that tradition to express the content of the faith in new … More

Sacred Icon Retreat -- A Spiritual Icon Painting Retreat

A spiritual retreat focused on the ancient tradition of Icon painting, using traditional process and materials.

Mary the Mother of Christ

Mary the Mother of Christ appears in 12 Feast Day Icons; The Presentation of Mary as a child, The Annunciation, Visitation, Virgin Birth, Nativity, Presentation of Jesus, Flight into Egypt, Finding … More

Love and Image

We have been taught we are created in the image of God, (energy, light, wholeness, the absolute), we have come from spirit and to there we return. This experience of divine life is temporary along … More
PURPOSE OF ICON PAINTING. Icon painting appeared as far back as the 4th and 5th century and it was from the beginning meant as a spiritual movement rather than an Art movement. From that time the … More

Modern Catholic Iconography and Catholic Art

Catholic Iconography and Catholic Art from Mary Jane Miller

Peace without Desire

Saint Mary is the saint to assist you in the search for the truth. The level of asceticism we develop is dependent on the depth of our search. For the ascetic, Saint Mary is the figure manifesting … More

St George

Warrior for a better world, "And God watched from the heavens as they fought over what they did not create or love. After the fighting, all that will be left is death". Such a sad quote but rings … More

Necessary to go back to Mary

A theologian once said, “it is necessary to go back to Mary if we want to return to: truth about Jesus Christ, truth about the Church and truth about humankind." This is an amazing statement and one … More


The first group - iconography called Mary of the "Sign" Orans, from Latin Orans - praying. Iconographic scheme: Maria is represented with raised hands to the sky, at prayer. At the level of her … More