Exclusive: Is Vatican About to Recognize Bruno Cornacchiola?

The Apostolic Penitentiary has issued a March 12 decree granting each April 12 during seven years a plenary indulgence to those visiting the cave of the Three Fountains, Rome, where the Virgin of Revelation appeared in 1947.

This likely precedes the official recognition of the apparitions.

On 12 April 1947, Bruno Cornacchiola, then 34, a former communist who became an anti-Catholic Protestant, saw Our Lady in the place where Saint Paul was martyred. Cornacchiola converted. The newspapers of the time reported.

Until 2001, Cornacchiola received around sixty messages that speak of a terrible threat to the Catholic Faith and of an apostasy. In September 1988 a message alluded to a heretical pope:

“May what I dreamed never come true, it is too painful and I hope that the Lord will not allow the pope to deny every truth of faith and to put himself in God's place.”

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