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Don Reto Nay states his position

Don Reto Nay states his position
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One has the feeling that in the Val Tujetsch the devil was active.

Those are your words and I agree.

What has happened?

On the evening of 13 March - the day of the election of Pope Francis and the birthday of my late father in 1978 - my appointment was canceled as administrator of the parish Tujetsch Pfarreirat.


This is in connection with a witch hunt perpetrated by the German press.

The Crucible?

This hunt was launched by two homosexual activists from Germany, one is a well-known ex-Catholic and the other a priest.

What is Gloria.TV?

Gloria.TV is a site of Catholic orientation where any videos or audios can be uploaded including images and text. We have 21 voice-compartments, each with its own video. Gloria.TV has six editors in various languages, contains over 400,000 video, audio, text and images, and is visited by two million unique visitors each month. The events of the past several weeks has led to Gloria.TV becoming even more popular.

Of What is Gloria.TV accused?

The English-language editor of Gloria.TV criticized the German bishops in their hospitals because they have introduced the abortive "morning after" pill. When this pill is taken, statistics show that from every 100 women who have intercourse, approximagtely 5 and 7 cases of abortion occur killing a newly-conceived child. In other words, Catholic German bishops allow the killing of a newly conceived child in Catholic hospitals.

How is Gloria.TV criticized?

The English-language editors - not Gloria.TV - has associated the contempt for innocent human life with the German bishops and made that association by means of a swastika.


The swastika is a symbol of contempt for life and the "morning after pill" is a symbol of a disregard for life.

Can we compare these two things?

Each comparison is based on one aspect and not on the whole. With the Nazis, we know that they had no conscience. With respect to Catholic bishops, we may assume that this is not the case, although the introduction of the "morning-after" pill in Catholic hospitals proves otherwise.

A strong symbol - the swastika

For who? When the Pope was presented in the media in a Nazi uniform (with swastika), very few were disturbed and also when he was shown with feces and urine on the cassock few objected. Was not this a scandal? Or, should one be dismissive when it comes to the Church, the doctrine, morality and truth when attacks originate from the secular media?

Nevertheless, bishops and swastika ...

Whoever allowed the killing of newly-conceived children should not be overly sensitive. The swastika has ensured that the issue of the "morning after pill" remains a topic of discussion. This is crucial. We must save the living of today. The dead of yesterday, we can only mourn.

The use of the swastika has made a huge commotion

Anyone who would focus on a symbol from seventy years ago and who would object more to this symbol that for innocent human life, shows a complete lack of perspective and is simply trying to divert attention from the more critical issue which is protection of life in the womb.

For what?

For Gloria.TV, the current campaign resembles an independent voice on the Internet which is not under the control of the large and powerful big media where abortion and the "morning after pill" are accepted and promoted.

There have been allegations against you as administrator of the parish in Tujetsch.

It is not difficult today to find people who throw dirt on a pastor. It also requires no courage. The people who no longer practice their faith toss their spiritual filth at priests who faithfully teach the Catholic faith. It would have been very easy for me to be a pastor who would be approved by these people and by the secular newspapers. But then, I would no longer be a faithful Catholic priest.

Is this a criticism of the Parish Council who dismiss them?

Not in the least. The Parish Council Tujetsch is an excellent body. From the very start until today I have had a warm and friendly with our members, an open and positive relationship. But, I know that they must do what they must do and so they behave accordingly. Where the power of the powerful unfolds, the individual loses his freedom.

Is there a problem with the staff or volunteers of the parish?

Not at all. With respect to the staff and volunteers of the parish Tujetsch is not good but very good. I say this not to flatter someone or to give false praise. The collaboration with the catechists and pastoral sacristans was a pleasure. For all of them, I have very fond memories. It was an honor for me to be working with these people.

They were confronted with criticism of this page?

Of course, also because I have asked staff and volunteers always to express their views. I'm a priest not a journalist and can therefore tolerate the opinions of others. In my time in Tujetsch, I have received many good reviews. There has also been some criticism.

What do you mean?

I am referring to comments made in the local newspaper "Tuatschina" (the official bulletin of the community Tujetsch), which is published by Claudi Monn-Widera. Without contacting me, he published rumors of a local malcontent against my person. I knew from various sources that the author spoke out against me. He was encouraged by various parties to speak personally with me. But, he has cowardly refused to do so.

Why have not you talked to him?

Those who have pointed out the man responsible did so with confidence. But, when the "Tuatschina" by Claudi Monn has published its unfair article, I, on the same evening, went to his house for a open discussion. A window was lit in his house yet no one opened the door.

How do you look back on your experience in the Val Tujetsch?

With gratitude. God has directed everything very well.

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Ellie Harvey
I have only just heard of this via the Laodicea blog. Thanks Fr. Reto Nay, for your wit and wisdom and unfaltering defence of Church teaching. You are in my prayers. GB.
Thank you Father Reto Nay.
Perhaps Fr.Reto, you have to suffer like the saints, to enable the truth about the 'morning-after pill' to be told.
Holy Cannoli
The Horror of the Swastika

Only these European socialists, particularly those in Germany, could show their contempt for the system of a fascist dictator by passing a law that is fully commensurate with a fascist dictatorship.

Too bad in today's politically correct age that Europeans will never consider banning the communist hammer and sickle. Commies through out the last 100 years of history … More
holyrope 3
Don Reto Nay, thank you for defending the Catholic faith and all those little ones who may lose their lives due to those German bishops who have listened to the Father of Lies. "Let the children come to me", Our Dear Lord said. Woe to those who have not allowed this!
Thank you so much Don Reto Nay for your fidelity to Church teaching. I can always depend on Gloria to bring me the truth. Our new Pope says abortion is a death sentence on the unborn. I hope the Bishops have ears to hear the truth of that. - Blessings and gratitude - Rene
Let us go back to the reason, why the brandmark of the Swastika was used.
Its purpose was to point out that in Germany of today murder was approved officially, as it was done in the era of National Socialism.
Killing is killing whatever method is used. The “permitted”pill is one.

Isn’t it surprising that everybody is showing great concern about the feelings of the poor raped woman, but at the … More
We are with you and support you Don Reto!