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Holy Cannoli
Vodka also saved a lot of Americans after Obama was reelected in 2012.
Holy Cannoli
Puss News Vodka saves 'British' cat (named Princess) after brake fluid poisoning
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Benedict and Francis "in complete disagreement", "never talk to one another"

(ROME) – Speaking at a March 16th conference in Limburg, Germany, the long-time Vatican correspondent Andreas Englisch has delivered an explosive allegation: In contradiction of public appearances, Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI “are …
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But this lettuce has not much vitamins or minerals, it is a water plant
Here we go again with the propaganda machine depicting Benedict-Ratzinger as the savior of orthodoxy riding in on his horse to save the church from … [More]
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in the old Canon Law no dog could enter church or monastery. It's still the case in the East. If a dog enters a church, it must be blessed by the … [More]
Harmonia celestiala
He also is a creature of God and according to St.Francis he became his home in this Monastery.
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The Land of the Free

Free goodies for everybody.
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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from your Valentine.
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Bergoglio en San Cayetano, Lujan, San Pantaleón

Who is that at minute 8:00 of this video? Can it be....?
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Holy Cannoli
The Cardinal Electors couldn't possibly have known of this sacrilege when they choose Jorge Bergoglio as pope, could they? If they did not know, … [More]
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Notre Dame Faculty Senate demands ‘sanctuary campus’

ND’s Faculty Senate has passed a resolution urging the school’s president to declare the university a sanctuary campus for illegal immigrants.
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It would be a great fallacy to declare itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrations without a qualification such crime history, legalization process … [More]
Dr Bobus
Interesting that 45 years after my years at Kansas University, Student Senates are still comprised of morons
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WASHINGTON, D.C., White House confirms: VP Pence to speak at March for Life

Rumors that Pence was going to appear at the March for Life have been circulating in DC and were heightened when March for Life organizers sent out a note warning of extra security screening. "Participants should be aware that due to heightened secu…
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@Holy Cannoli I had only seen a photo. The video is really shocking. My 10 year old just said, "I wonder what she had done if she knew one of her students liked Trump." ...Good question!
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President Trump and First Lady Melania, Family Dance to 'My Way'

First Dance as President Trump and First Lady
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Watched it on TV. It was great. My invitation must have been lost in the mail.
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Ezekiel 37 - Delta Rhythm Boys -Dry Bones – 1950’s

Ezekiel 37 - Delta Rhythm Boys -Dry Bones – 1950’s The group was first formed at Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma, in 1934 by Elmaurice Miller, Traverse Crawford, Essie Joseph Adkins, and Otho Lee Gaines. In 1936, they moved to Dillard … [More]
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Holy Cannoli
Nice and effortless.
Don Reto Nay
Great song! And here I am sitting on my desk writing on my commentary on the prophet Ezekiel...
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What will she do now?
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Sunamis 46
better a Immigrant than a robot
you are moving to a million dollar brand new mansion in an upper community and you feel hoppless ? maybe there are other reasons the public does not know?
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Diamond and Silk have something to say about Oprah interview w...

Diamond and Silk have a few words for Michelle Obama telling Oprah that we're now entering a time of no hope.
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@Holy Cannoli: What a honour for!!!
They are absolutely fantastic! . Trump go ahead, make America great again!
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BREAKING! CNN's definitive proof of Russian election hack!

Every U.S. news outlet is currently obsessed with discussing, "fake news." All you really need to know is, if Hillary is talking about it, then it's definitely "fake news." For mainstream media, however, this is about the extent of their … [More]
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Holy Cannoli
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Revealing Busses

Are the Anti-Trump protests that are now occurring around the country simply a spontaneous gathering of like minded individuals who made their plans on social media? Or. do these protests indicate something much bigger that is financed by those who … [More]
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Protesting still so aggressively against a new President elected democratically by the majority of the American people means stirring up hatred … [More]
The Americans must realise how dangerous these manifestations are for the public order. If they will not be crushed now, when they are still of … [More]
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Holy Cannoli
There also is the Knockout Game. As the names implies ,Situational Awareness is simply knowing what’s going on around you. It sounds easy in princip… [More]
the talking heads on CNN are at fault here by saying the vote for Trump was white -lash .that shows a narrow minded people working here ,Can,t … [More]
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Trump? "Not in my lifetime"

Janet Wood Reno (July 21, 1938 – November 7, 2016) served as the Attorney General of the United States from 1993 until 2001
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She Persecuted anti-abortionists too.
...I guess she was right! RIP Janet Reno.
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Fr Frank Pavone celebrates victory

Fr Frank Pavone celebrates victory
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God Bless you Father Pavone. May God be praised in His faithful priests.
Juan Manuel Serra Oller