Purging sins by waving chickens

The rite consists of taking a chicken and gently passing it over one's head three times while reciting the appropriate text. The fowl is then slaughtered in accordance with halachic procedure and its monetary worth given to the poor, or, as is more popular today, the chicken itself is donated to a charitable cause...Several reasons have been suggested for the choice of a … More

Get Your Money Out NOW While You Can

No, this is not least as of today.

P. Gruner zemřel bolestí z ateismu papeže Františka

Fr. Gruner was suspended a number of years ago...

n conclusion, one can either choose the canonical conclusions of a committee of unknown canonical recognition or the authoritative judicial sentence of the Holy See. More importantly, however, in following the Fatima message one must choose between Fr. Gruner's example of disobedience to legitimate ecclesiastical authority, or Sister Lucy's … More

Vatican removes Bishop Finn after years of attacks for upholding Catholic identity

No, not because he's upholding anything traditional. He seriously erred in how he managed the problem of child abuse. He is a convicted criminal on probation.