Bishop Says It Again: Francis Is An Antipope

Yes, clearly Francis is anti-Pope; and an anti-Christ in his actions.

Francis Wants "Unanimous Agreement“ On Protestant Communion

What we have is the Catholic Church is schism. And it has been that way for quite a while more or less beginning with Vatican II which was a catastrophe.

Best sentence in above article: "The German Church, one of the most decadent local churches in the world, has been distributing Communion to Protestants for decades. The present discussion is therefore about sanctioning an abuse that will … More

The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

What this disclosure suggests is that the election of Pope Francis was fraudulent. Consequently, he is an anti-pope and Pope Benedict is still Pope just as Ann Barnhardt has claimed.

Francis Attacked

Pope Francis should be happy the attack wasn't worse. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call for him but probably and unfortunately will not as he appears to be immune to the Truth.